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. >> whether that's speeding or personal grooming or talking on their cell phone. and because of that, their driving is not where it should be. >> reporter: to simulate the impact of distracted driving, i navigated what might replicate a narrow residential street or mall parking lot. the officer rode shog. was that the long before the first text arrived. >> if you could read the e-mail to me out loud. >> reporter: it says, got it. an adjustment here. next distraction, a call. at the same time my passenger is giving directions. >> hi. it's julie. >> head straight down the straightaway. >> reporter: yeah. >> almost -- >> reporter: okay. i'm sorry? >> we're almost at a complete stop. there are problem is i'm supposed to be going 25. the last challenge? reading directions to a caller while navigating cones. i almost made it. the officers say the kind of driving i just did is exactly what they will be watching for. and they will be perched inside unmarked high profile vehicles like this pick-up so they can really see whether is causing the bad driving. >> they see a car that's braking for
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1